Carnivorous plants!

July 31, 2009

Well, the plants I ordered finally arrived…the seller had apparently had some difficulties with a computer virus that had knocked him instantaneously back into the 20th century. But anyway, once that was straintened out, my CPs (that stands for ‘Carnivorous Plants’, btw, not ‘Complementizer Phrases’) arrived forthwith.  2 flytraps, a sundew (D. dielsiana), 2 pitcher plants (S. rubra and S x Dixie Lace), a pinguicula, and Nepenthes copelandii.

Now is the time to form your betting pools with respect to how many of the plants I will kill, how soon, and in what order. Personally, I think it’s a toss-up between the Nepenthes (just because it’s my favorite, that means it has to be the first to go, right?) and the flytraps (because I repotted them, and then 15 minutes later read that I should not repot them). On the bright side, it’s nice and humid and sunny where I’ve got them, they’re in a 1:1 sand/peat mix, and I water only with distilled water.  Skipping over the total newbie mistakes, moving on to the intermediate-newbie mistakes. I am only a second level carnivorous plant grower, I fear. *sigh*

My Sarracenia purpurea continues to thrive, at least. Growing a new pitcher every other week, it seems like!


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