Plum maple conserve

August 16, 2009

And so this weekend, the canning project was the Plum Maple Conserve from Small Batch Preserving. I followed the directions fairly faithfully (added an extra tablespoon of lemon juice, that was the only tweak), and have no complaints. It took a little while to boil down to the gel point– it seemed to get stuck at 212F for about an hour– but eventually it made it there, and boy is it delicious.  Another one that I may not be able to bring myself to share with others. Sharing never has been my strong point.

Also bought another box of tomatoes, but am out of energy to do anything with them today. The plum conserve took it out of me.  With luck, they’ll last until tomorrow, at which point, pizza sauce. I have a plan to make myself some french bread pizzas to freeze instead of spending an arm and a leg on store-bought ones. Made the baguettes for them today…I hope that they, too, will last until tomorrow.


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