January 7, 2009

In the end, it all worked out ok. Nothing had fallen over in the canner; only one hadn’t sealed properly because I had put the band on cockeyed to begin with. Hooray! Canning is fun. Beans for all.

Came across this site after a mention on the ADS-L of “guerilla gardening” as one of the Australian Word of the Year nominees by Macquarie Dictionary.  I had done something a lot like this as a teenager when we first moved from the boat to a house. There was a little boring park about 2 blocks away from me, and I tried surreptitiously planting some coleus there. They got mowed as soon as the city came through, and I sort of gave it up. How these people find the energy to keep at it when the fruits of their labor get continually uprooted, I don’t know.  Looks like my mistake was to only plant a couple of things in a random, non-delimited location. The key may be making a nice display so that it’s clear it’s intentional.

Who knows, this year if my garlic chives and oregano are as abundant as they were last year (and why wouldn’t they be?), perhaps Bloomington will sprout an extra garden or two here and there….